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Форум Call of Duty и Battlefield » Читерский уголок » Читы для других игр » ESP cheats for Combat Arms (25.10.12)
ESP cheats for Combat Arms
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This is BOSS
As I still continue along the path of recreating NOOB's menu's I've finished working on Frostbyte. Most of the GFX work in this thread is all his. The hack has been updated and all previous bugs have been fixed. I've modified a lot of the code to ensure there are no memory leaks and have drastically improved performance. For optimum results, play the game on a Low Quality Setting with minimal to no background applications running. New features and support have been added!

Hack Overview:
Frostbyte is currently the only public Combat Arms hack to support some exclusive features which are not public. Frostbyte supports both Keyboard and Mouse input! This means you can use either or to navigate through the menu. Frostbyte features its own Music Player which can be configured and used at any point in the game.
Memory Leaks Fixed
Lag issues resolved
Aimbot Fixed
Memory Hacks Fixed
Super OPK, NPC OPK & Spammer Added
Auto-Updating Signatures Added. Also supports EU & BR (Not 100%)

To use the music player, Put a folder in your C: Drive called "Music" and place your .mp3 files in there. Create Path: "C:\Music"

Frostbyte is designed for CA NA but it also supports (Not 100%) CA EU and CA BR.

Menu Navigation:

Navigate: <UP/DOWN> Arrow Keys
Toggle Features: <LEFT/RIGHT> Arrow Keys
Open/Close Menu: <INSERT>
Start Music Player: <DELETE>
Input Devices: Entire Menu is usable by Keyboard or Mouse (Click Under Text)


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Форум Call of Duty и Battlefield » Читерский уголок » Читы для других игр » ESP cheats for Combat Arms (25.10.12)
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