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[PROMOD] Human After All

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  Добавил: Admin | 28.01.2013 (15:06)
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I want introduce you alZ's Fraghighlight - Human After All. I spent making it quite much time, in course of watching it nobody will not feel boring. It issues me, that this movie is worth to see at least for the main actor of the movie, who is one of the best players on CoD4 scene.

First of all I would like to thank Miczon and his firm Alu-Win, as thanks to him and his great support I've been able to attend most of the lans in my CoD4 adventure. Secondly, I woud like to thank CoD 4 community which is absolutely amazing, despite the all negative opinions it gets. I would like to wish good luck, to all new players in the community, who try their best to become top players, and I hope that they will manage to keep CoD 4 alive. There are so many people I would like to thank, but as I want to make it short, I will just name my previous teams and thank them for really great time, especially on lans and last but not least for incredible memories which won't be forgotten for a very long time.
- cpl (POTEGA): EVO, FREEq, heddar, fOx, alZ_
- cpl (SUPERMANS): r4z0r, marikkkk, ntkkk, element/dEviance, alZ_
- TBA: monthy, ntkkk, fAla, r0lka, alZ_


Made by: Dawid "DejfV" Ostafin
Starring: Oskar "alZ" Sisi
Lenght: 11:03
Weight: 1,59GB
- Two Steps From Hell - Intoxication
- Feint - Vision Driver
- Stipple - Crush
- Mirror's Edge 2 Soundtrack - Warsaw
Program used:
- Sony Vegas
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Photoshop
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